We offer all types of dental services:

• Preventive Dentistry
• Pediatric Dentistry
• Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
• Prosthetics
• Orthodontics
• Laser therapy
• Oral Surgery and Implantology
• Periodontology
• Cosmetic Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

We try to provide you with advices and technical information related to the health of your mouth and teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

Working with children of all ages:
• rehabilitation of primary teeth
• fissure sealing
• fluorisation and remineralization

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

For repair of lesions using modern materials for esthetic restorations (fillings) in endodontic therapy as a diagnostic tool we use apex locators and radiographs (X-ray machine has its own) for a root canal sealers we apply modern biocompatible materials. In addition to the classic treatment for sterilization of root canals and apply the laser diode.


We make crowns for all types of partial edentulousness and prosthodontics. During any prosthetic intervention we provide a temporary solution so in any moment patient is not without teeth and their social life is not denied.

• Immediate Dentures
• Complete Dentures (acrylic, acrylic with metal base, with customizable color deflex)
• partial (acrylic sheet, Valplast, maximally reduced denture deflex)
• prosthetic mini-implants

Fixed Prosthodontics:
• temporary crowns and bridges
• metalloceramic crowns and bridges
• metalloceramic crowns and bridges on implants
• metal free crowns and bridges
• metal free crowns and bridges on implants
• composite post and core
• ceramic veneers or veneers

Combined works: fixed + mobile part related contemporary retention elements (all types of attachment, telescopes).


Correcting improper growth of teeth and jaws in patients of all age groups. It uses:

• mobile orthodontic appliances
• fixed with different types of brackets:
- traditional metal braces
- highaesthetic-ceramic and plastic
• splints for bruxism (teeth grinding)
• stabilization splint in cases of temporomandibular joint disease

Laser therapy

This is one of the latest trends in dentistry and applied for a long time in our practice in the treatment of soft tissue of the oral cavity.

• ulcers
• abscess
• cheilitis angularis
• hemostasis
• fistula
• frenulectomia
• gingival-plastic
• periodontitis
• perimplantitis
• plicae buccalis
• treatment of periodontal pockets

Oral surgery and implantology

• surgical extraction of teeth
• resection
• Surgical removal of cysts
• surgical extraction of impacted teeth
• surgical extraction of impacted teeth in orthodontic purposes
• surgical deepening of the fornix
• leveling ridge
• installation of artificial bones and membranes
• condensation sinus
• installation of the implant and mini-implant


In addition to prophylactic measures to combat the leading causes of tooth loss - periodontal disease we apply the following:
• causal therapy (removal of soft and hard deposits and correction of inadequate fillings and dentures, periodontal pocket curettage and laser therapy)
• surgical therapy

Cosmetic Dentistry

• tooth whitening individual avital
• tooth whitening in the ordination:
- standard (white-smile, opalescence boost, endo-walking bleaching opalescence)
- the application of lasers (doctor-smile)
• home tooth whitening with the development of individual foils (opalescence, opalescence quick)
• teeth jewelry